Brand refresh

Headquartered in Amsterdam, VEON provides essential communications and digital services to 212 million customers in ten of the world’s most dynamic countries. This brand refresh updated all the existing elements of the identity: logo, colours, icons, photography, plus the creation of new key assets such as tone of voice, motion graphics style for video and a library of uniquely designed patterns.

While developing all of the elements in the identity, we created a comprehensive set of guidelines detailing the use of each through practical examples and easy to understand explanations.

We had rolled out the identity by creating graphics for events, videos, merchandising and a wide range of other applications.

The new icon library contains over 120 icons, and it continues to grow as we create icons for new requirements. Also new, the pattern library, containing a geometric and vernacular approach, is a unique asset that adds character to applications.

This project will continue to evolve as we create and help other create effective and successful applications that allow VEON to communicate clearly and to stand out in a busy sector.

Creative direction and design
Willem Heskes

Richard Nicholson

Motion graphics and video templates
Simone Nunziato

Tone of voice
Chris Lamont