Teneo Blue Rubicon

Brand identity

After Teneo Holdings acquired Blue Rubicon, the defining PR and reputation company of its generation in the UK, there was an immediate need to show Blue Rubicon’s new status as part of Teneo as well as to preserve its invaluable brand equity.

We acted as strategic brand consultants helping create and visualise potential brand concepts. Teneo Blue Rubicon was chosen to be the new name and we designed the new brand around Teneo’s existing identity: using their logo, colours and aspects of their photography, while keeping and evolving the Blue Rubicon brand within the new scenario.

It was key for the Teneo Blue Rubicon brand to be instantly seen as a Teneo company, while also being recognised as a new Blue Rubicon incarnation. We successfully achieved both challenges.

We created the logo, look and feel and guidelines, as well as a suite of templates for everyday use. We designed the new company’s website working closely with front end developers, as well as art directing the portrait style for the senior team members.

Finally, as part of the brand roll-out, we also gave several brand induction sessions to employees.

Creative direction 
Willem Heskes

Willem Heskes
Noemi Caruso
Satveer Kaur
Konstantinos Trichas