Centre for Public Impact

The Public Impact Fundamentals

The Centre for Public Impact is a global not-for-profit foundation, funded by The Boston Consulting Group, dedicated to improving the positive impact of governments.

Legitimacy, Policy and Action are fundamental to public impact. The Centre for Public Impact worked with leading practitioners and academics from around the world to develop a framework that sets out how government can improve the results it achieves for citizens. This framework, The Public Impact Fundamentals, required of a visual expression.

The brief asked for a design that:
1. Represents the relationship between the factors and their contributory nature to increased ‘impact’
2. Demonstrates that all three factors are required concurrently to have impact
3. Shows that the process is non-linear and does not require that any one factor or element should be dealt with first, each of the factors are individual yet reinforce the others

We created an equilateral triangle made up of three identical parts. The triangle as such shows direction and forward movement. We helped the client think about the visual representation of their Public Impact case studies database, by creating webpage notionals showing how to display the information in an engaging and straightforward way, adding photography, contextual geographic maps and key country information.

Concept and design
Willem Heskes
Lola Stalenhoef
Konstantinos Trichas