Design is a process that underpins everything, design is thinking made visual

Can you open a bag of M&M’s and not finish them? Absolutely not, once opened, it’s over, all of them gone, bag inside out. Each colour has its own unique appeal, vibrant as they are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown, with a solitary lowercase condensed slab ‘m’ marked on them. Lovely little things.

There are other chocolates and chocolate coated peanuts but not with the same playful and inviting allure. M&M’s are a confectionary gem. They deliver an instant satisfying pleasure, endured by the promise of an exact repeat experience. They are a brilliant example of what a brand and visual expression need to be: clear, simple, confident, characterful.


Branding and design, at their best, are inseparable. While a brand is a way of remembering what something is like for future reference, the identity is the way the brand is all packaged up (Michael Wolff). Design is a process, and it plays a key role in all this underpinning everything, because design is thinking made visual.

At Heskes, the ambition is to help create strong brands, and enhance those existing ones with purposeful, relevant design that support communication, marketing and business needs.